Monday, July 2, 2012

Eat, Drink, Play: Trail rides: a family’s chance to see the sights

By Caddie Nath

Horses can be vaguely intimidating on flat ground, so, for new riders, trusting the animals to provide safe transportation up (and back down) a steep, rocky mountain trail is disconcerting.

The horses at the Breckenridge Stables make the whole experience a little less nerve wracking, and they’re the only ones in town that provide trail rides for young kids.

“We have horses for all abilities,” Breckenridge Stables owner Brad Bays said. “But if you’ve never been on a horse, they will just follow right along.” Read more

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Rigging Type for Ranch Saddles

For daily ranch work, ranch saddles are specifically made to withstand the rugged and heavy use daily in the field or ranch. These types of saddles are usually built on a durable tree and narrow seats to make it comfortable during long hours of riding. Its seat is usually full padded and most manufacturers use heavy leather which could stand the rugged type of riding.


Rigging refers to how the cinch strap is being attached to the saddle to hold it in place. Positions of the saddles to your horses affects its performance and the safety of the rider.

With ranch saddles that are used for long rides, they are usually double rigged for more stability and to keep the horse comfortable. With double rigging, there are two cinches; front cinch and rear cinch. This is to ensure that the saddle tree will be prevented from tipping forward and or slipping forward into the horse’s shoulder.

A T.P. Ranch Cutter Saddle

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Horse riding isn’t just only about western saddle or all about the horse. In fact, horse riding is a fun hobby and not only that, there are songs dedicated to it. Cowboy songs are actually fun to listen to, and yeah they are sometimes referred to as relaxing songs. 

What can you say about the songs uploaded here?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cowboy Saddles

Why choose cowboy saddles?

98 Wade Western SaddleIf you’re into western horse riding, cowboy saddle types are the ones perfect for you. This type of saddle is also used on working horses on cattle ranches. Today, cowboy saddles are used widely for a variety of western horse riding activities. They are designed primarily to give security and comfort to the rider who spends long hours on horse riding especially traveling over the rugged train.

Let’s break down the components of a cowboy saddle:

1. Tree - A saddle construction starts with defining the saddle tree. Depending on your horse’s back structure, a saddle tree may come in narrow, wide, or super wide angle. 

2. Horn - This is what differentiates the western saddle to english saddle. The horn is added to help in roping cattle.

3. Gullet - The gullet is found under the fork that covers the horse’s withers.

4. Swell - Also called a fork, that which gives shape to the front of the saddle.

5. Seat - Attached to the saddle tree and the most important part for the rider.

6. Cantle - Found at the back of the seat that secures the rider in place.

7. Jockeys/housings - Covers the exposed portion of the saddle tree.

8. Skirt - Attached to the underside saddle tree that protects the horse from the bars,distribute a rider’s weight over a more even surface area and to protect the rider from a sweating horse.

9. Latigo holder - or latigo keeper holds the loose end of the latigo.

10.Rigging - the key element in a saddle’s safety.

11.Rope Strap - a narrow strip of leather about 3/4 of an inch wide that is attached to the off (right) side of the saddle on the fork.

12.Stirrups - important part of a cowboy saddle that aid in mounting and dismounting a horse.